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Why LCHF eating?

Low Carb eating simply means to lower or remove your consumption of  high carb foods.  Some people lower their carbs to 20grams or under. others to 50 - 60 grms, still others,  loose weight at 100grms of carbs daily. 

Avoid or Limit These:

High Carb foods are: white flours (and some whole wheat - check Carb and Sugar levels) - breads, cakes, slices, biscuits, high sugar/carb beers and alcohol (for best weightloss - none to low to moderate levels - for those who just can't omit it completely), all sugars - sucrose, fructose etc. (raw and white sugar, honey and high sugar/glycemic fruits, and high carb/glycemic indexed vegetables.   Some people will lower or remove high consumption of dairy products too due to the 'lactose' (milk sugar)  in dairy foods. 

Do I need to count Calories or Exercise?

Initially, no, I don't think so (I didn't).  Later, you may need to adjust Calorie levels to overcome a plateau (weight loss stall) and/or begin exercising (walking is great).  However, there are many people who do neither and still continue to lose weight. 

It really depends on if you are content losing weight (after intial weight loss)  at a steady pace or if you wish to lose it quickly.  There is a way called 'Fat Fasting', that can help to overcome plateau's/stalls.  I only managed to get in two good walks in the 4 1/2 weeks of my intial weightloss but still lost weight.  

Some of the research I have read say Calorie counting and exercise are not necessary, others recommend doing so as time progresses. 

The great things about this way of eating (if done correctly) are feeling fuller for longer due to the High Fat levels and the body retains lean muscle mass, losing only fat - which often seems to 'melt away'.   

Low Carb High Fat:

When you lower your intake of Carbs, increase your calories from Fat and eat a moderate Protein level your body will adapt by putting itself into a state of Ketosis.  There are many great articles, Websites, Blogs and Facebook pages explaining this in more detail, some of which are from Medical Perspectives  (being qualified Doctors), some from Nutritional perspectives (being qualified Nutritionist) and some from people like you and me who just decided to try it for themselves and see what would happen by personally studying and applying that information to their lives.

My understanding of LCHF:

High Carbohydrate foods spike Insulin levels and are turned into Glucose by the body to be used for energy.  Excess Insulin and Glucose from Carbohydrates is stored as fat.  When the body has a low Insulin level and a low Glucose level (Low Carbohydrate intake) it can use Fatty Acids to produce Ketones for energy. 


Ketosis is a state where body is  Ketones instead of Glucose to provide your brain and body with your daily energy needs.   In a greater percentage of people, this causes weightloss and improved health benefits.  


This site is to share, links, resources, recipes, success stories and to provide a place for like minded people to meet, so I will leave it to 'the experts'  to explain the terms Low Carb High Fat, Ketosis, Ketogenic Diet etc.  in more detail. 


 The following links will provide you with in depth explanations, the first two are from a qualified Doctors, others will come from qualified Nutritionist and still others will come from people who have personally tried this way of eating for themselves and have lost weight and those who have decided to continue eating this way long time. 

Please do yourself a favour and do some personal study by following these links and/or doing a search on the internet to gain a greater understanding and confidence in this way of eating.  Check back regulary for new links  :)






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This site is to encourage and inspire and give hope to others like me who are attempting to loose excess weight eating any of the ways mentioned above.   It is in no way intended to replace professional health and/or medical advise,  see your health professional if you have any health problems and are considering any form of dietry changes before beginning them.