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*The greatest health benefits are gained by choosing Organic Foods. 

All Ingredients for recipes should preferably be Organic and from Grass Fed animals and Nitrate Free, to achieve the greatest health benefits of foods.  However, this is not always possible. 

You will still lose weight and get healthier if you cannot find Organic/Grass Fed ingredients. 

Aim to always purchase the least processed foods available, with the least amount of Carbs/Sugars etc.  Read labels.


Egg Slice:  (can be used as a Breakfast, Lunch dish or Morning /Afternoon Tea snacks.

8 Free Range Eggs.

1 Medium Onion

Real Bacon Bits ( I used 4 Slices, fried them first and then diced them up)

1 - 2 Diced Tomatoe

1/2 Cup Whipping Cream

1 Cup Grated Tasty Cheddar Cheese

1-2 small to medium Tomatoes - chopped or diced.

1 - 2 Tablespoons of Dried Basil (according to taste)

Good shake of Dried Tumeric.  optional  (I just love the flavour and health benefits of Tumeric)

1 TBSPN Organic Refined Coconut Oil ( I use Frysafe by aclarahealth Gourmet Foods)

1 TBSPN Butter.



Preheat oven to 160 to 180 degrees (depending on your oven).

First fry the 4 slices of Bacon in 1 TBSPN of Organic Refined Coconut Oil and 1 TBSPN Organic Butter.  Place on a plate and leave to cool, when cool cut/dice/slice Bacon into small pieces.

Beat the Eggs, Cream, Dried Tumeric, dried Basil, Salt & Black Pepper together.

Add the grated Cheese to the egg mixture.

While Bacon is cooling, fry up the Onions and Tomatoes,

Place Bacon Bits, Onions & Tomatoes and Egg/Chees Mixture into a Baking Dish and Bake until cooked through (25 - 30 mins).

*optional extras:  Mushrooms, red, yellow, green Capsicum, red Onion, Asparagus, Sausages pieces.

Everyone thought this slice was very yummy!     :)  


Creamy Chicken & Cauliflower Soup: 

2 packets of Chicken Thighs (or left over Roast Chicken).

2 Bay Leaves.

1 Med - Large Onion.

1 - 2 Large Garlic Clove segments.

Thumb nail size piece fresh chopped Ginger.

6 - 8 Cups Boiling Water.

2 Chicken Stock Cubes. (didn't have home made stock) and Chicken fat/Juices from leftover Roast.

1/2 Cup each of Celery, Asparagus, Red Capsicum,  Mushrooms.

1 - 2 Tablespoon Dried or Fresh Parsley.

2 - 3 Good shakes of Dried Tumeric.

20 Grates (about a teaspoon) of Pink Himalayan Salt (or Sea Salt) - according to taste.

15 - 20 Grates of Black Pepper - according to taste.

2 Tablespoon of Refined Organic Coconut Oil.

1 Tablespoon of Butter.

1/2 - 1 Cup Cream.


In a large stockpot, melt Coconut Oil and Butter on medium heat.

Fry Onion, Garlic, Ginger and Bay Leaves and Tumeric for about 3 - 4 mins.

Add Chicken Thighs or remaining Roast Chicken and Stock Cubes and Roast Chicken Juices/fat.

Cook a further 3-4 mins, then add Celery, Asparagus, Red Capsicum & Mushrooms.

Add mashed Cauliflower and Cream, Salt & Black Pepper and Parsley.

Allow to cook a further 10 mins, then turn down to simmer for 20 - 25 mins.

*This is Delicious!  Everyone loved it.   :) 

Serve with Maria Emmerich's Sub Rolls (bread alternative).  Recipe Here.


Creamy Chicken Stir Fry:    (Yummy).  Serves 4 - 6

1 - 2 small to medium onions

Ginger Root (Thumb nail to Knuckle size)

1 - 2 pieces of Garlic

2 packets of Chicken Tenderloins or Thighs

4 Sticks of washed Celery

1/2 to 1 Red Capsicum

1/2 to 1 Bunch of Asparagus

4 medium - large Button Mushrooms

Tumeric (2 good shakes)

1/2 to 1 cup of Whipping Cream

1 - 2 teaspoons Mild Chilli

1/2 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

1/2 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon of Butter


Cut/Slice Chicken thinly, Dice/Chop Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Celery, Asparagus, Mushrooms and Capsicum.

Preheat a wok/frypan/skillet on high with Butter and Coconut Oil. 

Quickly Stir fry Chicken pieces, cooking until almost done. Remove from heat and set aside. 

Add more oil/butter to pan if necessary.

Fry onions, garlic and ginger until onions begin to look clear, add Asparagus, Mushrooms, Celery and Capsicum (in that order)  frying for 1 - 2 mins between each addition. 

Add Organic Soy Sauce, Mild Chilly and Tumeric, Salt & Black Pepper then add Whipping Cream, cook/fry another 3 - 5 minutes. 

Optional - Almonds, Cashews.  (Please take into consideration this will increase the carbs).


Creamy, Cheesy Sauce:      *Serve on top of Steaks, Chicken, Fish, Pork etc.   (Yummy)

1 Cup Whipping Cream

1 Cup Grated Cheese

1 - 2 good shakes Tumeric, teaspoon Pink Him. Salt & 1/2 teaspoon of Black Pepper.

1 teaspoon - 1 Tablespoon each of Butter and Coconut Oil.


Melt oil/butter in small saucepan

Add Cream, Grated Cheese, Tumeric, Pink Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper. 

Stir well and continue stirring until all ingredients are well mixed and smooth. 

*Can make this sauce/topping into a Hollandaise type sauce/topping by adding 2 beaten egg yolks to the mixture.  We have also added Chopped Mushrooms and Lemon Juice at different times for different tastes/textures. 








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This site is to encourage and inspire and give hope to others like me who are attempting to loose excess weight eating any of the ways mentioned above.   It is in no way intended to replace professional health and/or medical advise,  see your health professional if you have any health problems and are considering any form of dietry changes before beginning them.