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Meal Plan Ideas.

I have listed here some meal plan ideas for a LCHF way of eating, I hope you will find thid page helpful on your transition into LCHF.   :) 

Meanwhile, there are some great books advertised on this site, I have a few of them myself, should you decide to click and purchase one, I will earn a small commission from it which will help to pay for this site.

There are also some great recipes on the internet and some great groups you could join that also have some great recipes.  :)  You only need to type in LCHF recipes, Low Carb High Fat Recipes, Low Carb High Fat Diet, Ketogenic Recipes/Diet, etc. 

What Can We Eat?

The basics are Low Carb, Moderate Protein and High Fat.  So anything that falls into these categories you can start with. 

Eggs, Meats, Full Fat Cheeses, Butter, Creams, Full Fat Yoghurts (no sugar),  Fish, Chicken.

Low Carb Steamed/Stir Fried Vegetables (Cauliflower, Zucchini, Green Beans, Asparagus, Red, Yellow and Green Capsicum, Mushrooms, Snow Peas, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Artichoke, Eggplant, Spinach, Kale, etc. Some onion).  Low Carb Salad Vegetables (most salad vege's).

Stir Fries, Curries, Soups/Stews, Roast, BBQ"s, etc.   No or Very Low Carb/Sugar Gravies and Sauces.

 Cook with Butter and/or Coconut Oil.  For salad oil use Cold Pressed Olive Oil. 

Dried and Fresh Herbs, Sea or Pink Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt and Black Pepper.

Don't be afraid to experiment and get creative, many great recipes exist because people do.   :)


To give you some menu examples, last night  we had:


Dinner:      (Most of which was divided by four adults)  Mashed potatoes added for 2 adults (not me).

Mashed Cauliflower (with Cream, Butter, Himalayan Pink Salt and Black Pepper) ,

Steamed Cabbage fried with Bacon bits from real Bacon, in the Bacon fat and Coconut Oil (one without a Coconut taste to it), 

Steamed Green Beans,

Fried Onions and Sausages (Beef) - cooked in Coconut Oil.

A little of the Egg Slice (below)


*All of us thought both these meals were very yummy!  (Two are not LCHF).

*While cooking Dinner,  I also cooked the boys lunches for the next day -  my home made Egg Slice.


Breakfasts can be:

Eggs & Bacon with Mushrooms and Tomatoes.

Egg Slice with Asparagus and Tomatoes.


Eggs Benedict,

Scrambled Eggs & Bacon/Sausages Etc.

Other Low Carbers are making Oatmeal type creations too without Grains/High Carb Cereals etc.  Still others make Low Carb Breads, Pancakes, etc.  (A search on the internet will help you find some really great recipes to help alleviate Carb cravings for Bread etc.)

I hope this gives you an idea of where and how to start.  :)


Free Recipes coming soon!   (I have to work out measurements etc.)   lol!

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This site is to encourage and inspire and give hope to others like me who are attempting to loose excess weight eating any of the ways mentioned above.   It is in no way intended to replace professional health and/or medical advise,  see your health professional if you have any health problems and are considering any form of dietry changes before beginning them.