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This site is to encourage and inspire and give hope to others like me who are attempting to loose excess weight eating any of the ways mentioned above.   It is in no way intended to replace professional health and/or medical advise,  see your health professional if you have any health problems and are considering any form of dietry changes before beginning them.


My Results so far.

May 5, 2014

Our weight will flucturate by a pound or two each day due to the water and food remains our body is carrying on each given day(and for us women, hormonal weight) so it is best NOT to weigh yourself on a daily basis (once per week is better). 

I have listed my changes in Weight and Inches below so you can see for yourselves the differences in Weight fluctuations on the scales, which is why it's best NOT to weigh yourself daily.

Use the tape measure and how your clothes are fitting you.  Sometimes, we're still losing inches (as shown by my measurements below) but the scale seems the same as yesterday or more than yesterday.  That can make us think we're doing something completely wrong, do not panic and/or get depressed, nor give up - just carry on as normal.   

I began eating Low Carb High Fat on the 27th March 2014 weighing 67.9 kilos and in 4 1/2 weeks (till 21st April 2014)  lost 4 1/2 kilos, with little to no exercise (see below - only 2 days of walking) or obsessive calorie counting.  In the old stone and pound measurements I was nearly 11 stone and as of yesterday - am now weighing 10 stone. 

*The good thing about writing things down is you can see how your weight loss is effected by what you eat and drink and any exercise you do accomplish.

*During this time I fitted  back into my size 12 jeans from a size 14.  Yey!



Thursday 27th March 2014:

 Weight - 67.9 kilo's.

Hip measurements  41  1/2 inches,  my waist measured 33 inches.


 Tuesday 1st April 2014:

Weight - 66 kilo's.

*Somewhere around here began taking 3 teaspoons of Coconut Oil for health and weightloss benefits and to increase my 'good fat levels'.

Saturday 12th April 2014:

Weight - 65 kilos.

Hips - 40 inches,  Waist - 31  3/4 inches.


Monday 21st April 2014:

Weight - 63.5 kilos.

No measurements of hips or waist taken.


*23rd April 2014:

Walked 30 - 45 minutes.

 (just over 10 stone)


*1st May 2014:

Increased Coconut Oil doage to 2 - 3 Desertspoons, for health benefits, remembering most days.

Walked twice this day (1st walk about 20mins, 2nd walk about 1 hour).


3rd May 2014:

Weight - 63 kilos - 10 stone.


4th May 2014:

Weight - 63 kilos - 10 stone.

5th May 2014.

Weight loss stall and increase from now on (scales) Eek! 

Carb cravings for Bread & Pizza.  I had found some yummy recipes for breads, pizza's and tried to make up my own for crackers, to have as snacks and - as you do - kept tasting them myself (during cooking) and eating them (pizza, bread).  

I also felt my heavy usuage of Cream and Cheese was now too heavy for my metabolism (after initial weightloss).  

 As I still wish to lose alot more weight maybe I should totally avoid these extra's but I do like my bread and pizza so no doubt, will weaken again, lol!

Inches however, still declining.

6th May 2014.   (Today)

Weight - 64 kilos.

Hips - 39  1/2 inches,   Waist - 31  1/2 inches.

*Walked to a nearby deli and back (about 30 mins total). 


7th May 2014.

Weight  - 66 Kilo's. (After tea & coffee with cream)

(also some hormonal weight gain, prior to 'that time'). 

Was also using my daughters scale which she thinks needs new batteries. 


Mon. 12th May 2014.

Weight 64 Kilo's.

Hips 38  1/2  inches.

Waist - 31   1/2  inches.

*Walked to my mailbox and back at home (about 8 mins total).

*Began recording my foods, fats, carb counts for the day and cutting Cream (in coffee & tea) back to 1 teaspoon only, Coconut Oil (in cooking) back to 1 - 2 teaspoons instead of Tablespoons and will lower my cheese levels too when cooking. 

Hopefully, this will begin scale weight loss again,   (hopefully I'll remember to keep up both recording -  and using lower measurements of Cream, Cheese and Coconut Oils - lol!).

*Remembered Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne Pepper (they also help the metabolism). 

Took 4 teaspoons of ACV in morning in warm water and 1 Tablespoon at night with 'Just a Pinch' spoon measurement of Cayenne Pepper (best to build dosage up slowly with this) in warm water. 


13th May 2014.

Weight - 65 Kilo's.

Hips - 38 inches.

Waist - 31 inches.

*Before eating in morning:

1 small glass of water with 2 teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and 'Just a Pinch' spoon measurement of Cayenne Pepper.

2 teaspoons Coconut Oil (reduced from 1 - 2 Tablespoons)  for frying my eggs for breakie and about 1 - 2 teaspoons of Butter on my toasted sub roll 4.2 g Carbs.  (amazing bread alternative) .

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