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This site is to encourage and inspire and give hope to others like me who are attempting to loose excess weight eating any of the ways mentioned above.   It is in no way intended to replace professional health and/or medical advise,  see your health professional if you have any health problems and are considering any form of dietry changes before beginning them.


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Progress To Date.

I have been up and down and down and up on the scales!  Hate them!  However, I am also now fitting into a smaller size 11 jeans!  Yey!  Looking slimmer and feeling great!  Considering I have only been eating this way since 27th April 2014 -  I still feel I am doing well as I am still learning, have …

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My Results so far.

Our weight will flucturate by a pound or two each day due to the water and food remains our body is carrying on each given day(and for us women, hormonal weight) so it is best NOT to weigh yourself on a daily basis (once per week is better). 

I have listed my changes in Weight and Inches below so…

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